An imperative goal in a business is growing, it is better for your business if you have a broad
clientele that depends on your services. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice your in-house
customer service to handle clerical tasks, such as answering call overflow and taking messages.
You can gain more profitability of your time by delegating such tasks to a dedicated team of
receptionists who understand your business’s needs and can function as part of your team.

Phone answering services, like those provided by Team by the Minute, can help your business
thrive in several ways, such as:

  • Somebody is always there to pick up the calls
    • When you partner with our services, it means you will not miss a call. Not only do
      you giant the benefit of a broader outreach by having little to no missed calls, but
      you also gain the peace of mind of not missing out on a crucial message. Better
      yet, you’ll find yourself not having to filter out unnecessary spam calls. An extra
      perk offered by us is that all receptionists are bilingual, English to Spanish, and
      this service is included in each plan at no extra cost. Meaning, your client
      demographic expands by having us answer your office overflow.
  • Help increase in-house productivity
    • Every call answered is a chance to leave a good impression, which is important
      when it comes to increasing revenue. Nevertheless, when facing persistent call
      overflow, just answering calls can become a bit of a distraction—especially when
      you are working on a big project for scaling purposes or are actively in a meeting.
      Delegating your phones to an answering service like ours can help filter or even
      forward calls to pertinent personnel, leaving you with more time on your hands to
      focus on your business growth, yet never sacrificing your customers’ needs.
  • Provide consistent customer care
    • Our service offers a flexible script that can be customized to your needs, this
      includes responses to common questions along with specified steps to take in the
      majority of situations handled by our receptionists. Consider your script as a
      dynamic document which can be updated whenever your business needs evolve.
  • Save on recruitment
    • Both your business and ours wish to provide quality customer service in every
      interaction made. Your business does this by meeting the standards of the
      industry it represents. As a business answering service, we do the same by
      holding firm standards of our own towards what great customer service should be
      like to both our clients and their customers. We have expertly trained staff that is
      compliant and attentive, and offer cost-effective service plans, with no
      hidden fees, and with no long-term contracts. There is more to gain when taking
      the chance of hiring an answering service to handle your overflow of calls.

Become a better business and offer exceptional customer service by joining forces with an
answering service that can give you the aid you require as swiftly as possible. Find out for
yourself what Team by the Minute has to offer.




~F. Hernandez