“Team by the minute is a great service that agents have at their fingertips.  If you are short staffed and need help covering phones, Team by the Minute is there for you as an extension of your team. If you need to cover the phones while you train your team, close your office for lunch or take the day off, team by the minute is there for you. If you just need to have the phones covered on the fourth or fifth ring so that your customer doesn’t get sent to voice mail, Team by the Minute is there for you. The cost is minimal in comparison to the cost of an additional employee and the training you have to invest into that team member!  This is an efficient way to spend your dollars and outsource work to keep selling at the forefront of what you do best!”

Randy Thompson

MDRT Agent, Thompson Insurance

“TBTM has been one of the single greatest assets to my agency in my 30-year career. TBTM allows my agency to operate efficiently whether I am fully staffed or down to answering the phones myself! My clients comment that it is refreshing to not have a phone tree or a tape recording answering my phones… Always a friendly voice on the other line! TBTM gives my agency the flexibility to make outbound sales calls while TBTM answers the inbound calls. TBTM answers our calls on the fourth ring, we are no longer reactionary to the inbound phone call, game changer.”

Jeffrey Conley

MDRT, Exotic, Presidents Club & Chairman's Circle Agent, Jeffrey B Conley Ins Agcy Inc

“When a customer calls, they want to talk now. Otherwise, they wouldn’t call. ‘Please leave a message’ is not what they’re looking for. That’s how opportunities are lost. Team By The Minute gives them a live person with a script to ensure the customer feels heard and not neglected. Can’t recommend them strongly enough.”

Matt Wagner

Vice President, Client Focus

“During these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to deliver exceptional customer service. Adding TBTM has enhanced the customer experience and provided my agency with more 5-Star reviews. It’s like having the luxury of being over-staffed without the accompanying personnel headaches and expenses.”

Manny Viadero

CLU®, ChFC®, President's Club Lifetime Member, Viadero Insurance Agcy Inc

“Team by the Minute has been a game-changer. It has allowed my team to take time with customers without worrying about the phone going to voicemail. They have provided us with exactly what we need during our busy times in the day.”

Sara Labraaten

CLU®, CPCU®, ChFC®, CASL®, FLMI, Labraaten Insurance Agency

Staffing is forever a challenge running two offices. Add the pandemic employment issues and TBTM has been a critical fix and backstop to constant understaffing. Having a live person to answer the phone, and take a detailed message has helped us prioritize and streamline our service. I am thankful to have them.”

Todd Main

ChFC®, CLU®, CASL®, Chairman's Circle & 21 year Ambassador Qualifier, Todd Main Insurance Agency

TBTM is my virtual Team Member. Thank you for all you do!”

Paul Cashman

Lifetime Presidents Club, MDRT, Exotic Qualifier & Chairman Circle Agent, Paul Cashman Insurance Agency

Right before I onboarded with you guys I had my first child, the roof of my office building was taken off by a tornado and the straw that broke the camels back was my whole team and I getting Covid as we were getting setup with you guys. So to say TBTM has made a huge impact on me and my ability to hold onto a shred of sanity is an understatement.

I’ll always be a huge cheerleader of the service you provide- because it’s more than just answering the phone, it’s peace of mind.

So THANK YOU!!!! ❤️❤️

Kira Schnell-Harrison


“Hiring Team by the Minute to help with my overflow calls has been one of the best business decisions of my career. It has allowed my customers to always talk to a live person if they aren’t able to reach us. My agencies are busy, so having Team by the Minute there to help take those calls that we just can’t get to has been a complete game-changer for us! I highly recommend you hire them as well!”

Tyson Luthi