Who is answering your phones?

Team by the Minute is a Specialized Answering Service that understands every business, from small scale to national level, strives to keep their customers happy each day. While you are presently taking care of your current customers, let our team of highly trained receptionists handle incoming calls with equal first-class service.

Specialized Answering Service

Why consider a Specialized Answering Service?

Businesses around the US have become more aware of their customer’s expectations and needs. We are a company that makes decisions using data to give you the engaging results you seek. Our highly trained team of receptionists take pride in knowing the majority of callers prefer a personal touch when contacting a business. 

Let us be a part of your team and don’t lose a client because you missed a phone call.


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We know what great customer service sounds like!

Committed Receptionist

Committed Receptionist

Never miss a call.

No more missed calls with our team handling the overflow. With options such as warm transfers to live representatives and message taking, you’ll never feel uninformed. 


Bilingual Service

We speak Spanish.

Our receptionists are English to Spanish bilingual and are committed to providing an outstanding customer-centric experience to Spanish-speaking callers. 

Weekly Updates

Weekly Updates

Stay ahead of problem-solving.

Weekly updates will help you keep track of how many minutes have been used and give you insight into whether expanding services would be better suited to your needs. 

Custom Script

Custom Script

Consistency is key for customer satisfaction.

Our scripts are customizable and designed to ensure compliance with company privacy along with security guidelines. The script will reflect the company’s brand, so our team will always blend in.

Call Screening

Call Screening

No more handling spam calls.

We provide accurate screening of incoming calls and only forward calls that relate to your office. Gaining customers is essential for business growth, and we are there to filter out unnecessary interactions.

Do you have a friend who could use our help?

Refer a friend and receive a $150 credit on your next statement when they sign up! Spread the word and let your friends know about our reliable and efficient specialized answering service.

Refer a friend

They get $50 in credit

You get $150 in credit

Let’s Start Something Together

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Choose your Plan by the Minute
Let us help you explore your options and select a plan with the right amount of minutes that is best for your business needs.
Sign Up and Subscribe
It’s simple to sign up with us, after choosing a plan of your liking you fill out the registration form, then we get synched to your setup, and it’s ready to go!
Customize your Message
Get your business’s point across with the use of our custom script. Your customers and our receptionists will always be on the same page.
Let us do the work for you:
Our team of receptionists is the solution to your office’s overflow of calls. With us on the phone, you’ll have time to scale your business, all while saving money and increasing the quality of your customer service.


Select your ideal plan.

All plans include our team of skilled English to Spanish bilingual receptionists, our customizable script, seamless integration to your in-house platforms, weekly updates of your minutes, plus access to a dedicated client success team. We don’t have set up fees or any long-term contracts, you have more to gain with our specialized answering service team on your calls.

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