Save yourself from the frustration of hiring more staff.

Don’t go through the struggle of recruiting, interviews, background checks, payroll setup, and training for your customer service. Our Team is specifically  trained for your business, to handle topics and concerns so the customer feels the issue is being handled on the first call. We do this by asking intelligent thorough questions with custom scripts. Our business is located in the United States so our people speak English and Spanish fluently. Great news too we can answer as early as 6am PST/9am EST to as late as 6pm PST/9pm EST. We also work all major holidays and Monday through Friday.

Don’t Lose a Customer

Your customers prefer personal interaction. Don’t lose a client because you missed a phone call.


happen on the phone.


if lead is spoken to on the first call.



Nothing Beats a Real Person



Don’t Risk Your Business Relationship

We strive to maintain safeguards with industry standards of information security and private information. Know that while using our company we will do our very best to maintain your corporate standards to ensure security.



Never miss a call.

Don’t worry about missing another call.  If your team is busy or unavailable, we have a full staff of agents to answer for you. Don’t lose another sale or upset a client because they cannot talk to a real person. If we answer a call you even have the option to transfer back to a live agent.


Get the savings of a call center and only pay for what you use.

Don’t pay thousands for a receptionist or staff to sit around and answer a few extra calls.  Take advantage of our call center savings to alleviate your top earners from handling basic customer service calls.  Utilize our service to gauge exactly how much staff you need to answer calls.



We ask intelligent questions, don’t waste a call.

Our goal is to offer an answering service to your clients that is so good, they won’t know it.  Our team is thoroughly trained to be able to ask the right questions and get the most information from each contact.  Our scripts strive to ensure compliance with company privacy and security guidelines.  To us, a voicemail is a thing of the past, and it should be, especially if your company values personal interaction.


Collect inbound call details for compilation.

Our proprietary system allows us to know what kind of questions to ask your client when they’re on the phone, just like you would.  Using a proprietary system enables us to ensure compliant data collection practices. Once the call is completed you will receive an email with data necessary to resolve the issue for the client.


Let’s Start Something Together

Let’s get started and we will help you grow your customers.
Sign Up Process
We will request some information such as what email you want to use to receive data, as well as what language you want on your script.
Assign your extension
Upon signing up with our service a unique phone number will be assigned to you. A representative will contact you and provide this number to you so you can forward calls when busy. You can also send a request to your phone service or corporate phone system to forward missed calls to this phone number extension.
Custom Script
A default script will be created and assigned to your extension for you to review further. All calls that are directed and answered on that extension will use this script. This script will be made available for you to make customization and edits as the service continues. Depending on the service package customization’s may be included in your monthly price.
Receive Emails with Messages
Upon commencement of your service you can expect to received immediate emails with messages from our service. These messages will have the questions from the script as well as the answers from the customer. You can assign multiple people in your company to receive these emails to ensure rapid response for your clients.
Let Us Get to Work
Forward you phone system to Team by the Minute by linking your phone to ours. Once the system is forwarded, our agents will do the rest.


Get Started – Select Your Plan Below

All of our plans come included with our specialized script and proprietary software system. Receive an email copy of the questions and answers asked or use our ticketing system for tracking. Minutes expire at the end of each monthly billing cycle, additional minutes used are due to be paid at the time of the next monthly subscription payment.

“Team by the minute is a great service that agents have at their fingertips.  If you are short staffed and need help covering phones, Team by the Minute is there for you as an extension of your team. If you need to cover the phones while you train your team, close your office for lunch or take the day off, team by the minute is there for you. If you just need to have the phones covered on the fourth or fifth ring so that your customer doesn’t get sent to voice mail, Team by the Minute is there for you. The cost is minimal in comparison to the cost of an additional employee and the training you have to invest into that team member!  This is an efficient way to spend your dollars and outsource work to keep selling at the forefront of what you do best!”

Randy Thompson

MDRT Agent, Thompson Insurance

“During these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to deliver exceptional customer service. Adding TBTM has enhanced the customer experience and provided my agency with more 5-Star reviews. It’s like having the luxury of being over-staffed without the accompanying personnel headaches and expenses.”


Manny Viadero

CLU®, ChFC®, President's Club Lifetime Member, Viadero Insurance Agcy Inc

TBTM has been one of the single greatest assets to my agency in my 30-year career. TBTM allows my agency to operate efficiently whether I am fully staffed or down to answering the phones myself! My clients comment that it is refreshing to not have a phone tree or a tape recording answering my phones… Always a friendly voice on the other line! TBTM gives my agency the flexibility to make outbound sales calls while TBTM answers the inbound calls. TBTM answers our calls on the fourth ring, we are no longer reactionary to the inbound phone call, game changer.

Jeffrey Conley

MDRT, Exotic, Presidents Club & Chairman's Circle Agent, Jeffrey B Conley Ins Agcy Inc

TBTM is my virtual Team Member. Thank you for all you do!



Paul Cashman

Lifetime Presidents Club, MDRT, Exotic Qualifier & Chairman Circle Agent, Paul Cashman Insurance Agency

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