To speak about resilience is to acknowledge the elasticity of one’s character. In definition alone, to be resilient means being able to recover quickly from an experienced difficulty. Innovation, growth, and success can be defined by reliance. It is an essential tool for both leaders and their teams. However, resilience doesn’t just happen, and expecting it from everyone, is something far-fetched. It needs to be structured and nurtured, BetterUp has a piece on resilience that stands out on the matter. They state that resilience is a type of mental fitness. To have a team that performs better, leaders need to encourage and shelter their teammates from excessive pressures. The article goes into detail by clarifying ways in which this can be done, such as expanding training to areas where their team is struggling. Along with either designing or applying procedural efforts to get their team closer to business expectations. 

Another way your business can help build resiliency among its leaders and teams is by optimizing the company’s work culture. When difficult changes are imminent, address the news early to tackle potential problems with time. Company leaders should stay composed during stressful work periods, snarky and rude temperaments only illicit equal efforts in return. Offer support to colleagues, before, during, and after the changes, coping is different between individuals, better to walk with the team through the entirety of the storm. Design emergency protocols when modes of operation are affected by external factors that are not under the business’s control. Moreover, encourage support among colleagues, with structured briefing sessions where everyone feels included, especially when company policies change.

Forbes’ article on resiliency recommends taking advantage of any wellness and social activities that might be offered at your company, as a means of strengthening internal relationships. The article suggests making sure employees know they can switch off in this constantly connected world, and that they are important when it comes to celebrating achievements. Overall, it puts in perspective that work environments should allow flexibility, cultivate compassion and recreate those all-important water cooler moments, no matter where your teams might be based right now.

The concept of a job is already a stressor in and of itself, and with high demanding work cultures, the risk of burning out is imminent. This factor alone carries a lot of weight, therefore it is important to help build resilience skills to navigate work-life effectively. The ability to build resilience is a skill that will serve your business well, especially in an increasingly stressful work world. A more resilient workforce can always be molded if businesses are willing to invest in that growth. Building an organizational culture that encourages and supports resilience training just makes sense in a good business. 

Here at Team By The Minute, we manage your inbound calls in a professional manner and under your specifications. That way your in-house staff can focus on growing their resiliency and your business.



~F. Hernandez